Art Appraisal

Art Appraisal

Sérgio Bello + Frans Krajcberg at PINTA London Art Fair 2013

On buying:

We study the artist’s placement on the market before your investment is made.

On selling:

We are able to give you a complete support on valuation of your art piece.

Our Art Appraisal is based on research and access of the correct information about the artist, the artwork and the daily market nuances.

We follow up different art market indicators, aspects and the place of the artist on the market. We frequently visit all major gallery shows and art fairs around the world, being very versatile in forms of Contemporary Art.  We can value all kinds of art, from paintings, sculptures, installations and works on paper to videos and high technology art in order to prepare and deliver you our accurate Value Report.

The art market is affected by two main specific parts: the primary art market, where new art comes to the market for the first time from artist’s atelier to the gallery, and the secondary market, for existing art that has been sold at least once before.

Once a work is sold on the primary market it enters the secondary market, and the price for which it was sold in the primary market has a direct influence on the work’s value in the secondary market.

Supply and demand affect the secondary market more than the primary market because the work is new to the market and has no market history for predictive analysis and thus valuation of such work is more difficult, and more speculative.

Valuation report is the paper we issue after our study on the artwork (and artist) in question.

In the case of valuation of a client’s artwork we need good quality photos (recto-verso) with all details (any hallmarks, stamps, details, signatures, etc.), marks and differences, including all information you can provide.

If necessary we can also organize a visit to your location and see the art piece in a private visit.

Ask for our Art Valuation Services Conditions.