Art Collecting, Buying, Selling

Awaking Lioness, Leopoldo Martins, 2013, art collecting

Awaking Panther, Leopoldo Martins, 2013

To bring you updated information as independent and specialized voice, we are happy to guide you on this journey using our field of expertise. So, you can take the right steps toward your objective of living a life surrounded by Art.

A good art collection oozes the collector’s concept to the core. One should always buy art from the heart and based on passion.

However, buying art is also an investment.

There are some practical aspects we have to observe regardless of our passion and interest. Buying art demands a correct investment advice so you can transform your budget into something that pleases you and ensures you a good investment at the same time. After all, that is indeed a future inheritance. With the right information you are able to identify and discuss your personal art collection concept and think about the relation of your budget to those desired achievements. So, you can see a conceptual line on your collection and prepare it to be appreciated by your friends and the public.

For the same reason selling is strategically possible when your collection was well planned before.  Selling well is a consequence of buying well so there is a process and some rules to be followed.

You can rely on us from the beginning until the end of this process and we will be happy to guide you according to your desire, but acting as your collecting-buying-selling-agent during all the process. 

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