Art Concierge

Art Concierge

Lucia Adverse at Guangzhou Art Fair China 2013

Our professional skills and experience include managing, conservation and framing advice, art deaccessioning support, collection organizing and general art information.

We are able to support your demand on packing in order to send your artwork from origin to destination on security, working in collaboration with the main specialized art transportation companies in the world, ready to offer you our professional care and discretion, working on our client’s behalf to facilitate any art-related services and working with the best professionals at the market.

As Art Concierge we research and write about the international art scene on our blog Vitamine A, where you can find some great suggestions of art exhibitions, places and locations you can visit and increase your art knowledge as well as artists’ interviews, artworks’ reviews and much more. 

We are happy to organize private art visits to galleries, Museums and institutions. We are also able to organize art activities and programs according to your demand.

For more information, please contact us.