Adélio Sarro

Adélio Sarro was born in 1950 in Andradina, São Paulo State, Brazil.

Raised in an agricultural family, he was confronted to the extreme precariousness of a farmer’s life. Their financial stress forced his family into a series of decisions that profoundly affected Adélio’s life and personal formation.

Despite these difficulties, he became an illustrator for the advertising poster business in São Paulo.

In 1972, he discovered the paintings of Brazilian artist Candido Portinari (1903-1962) during a visit to Portinari’s home in Brodowski (Brazil). This encounter was the trigger that launched himself into the artistic world.

Soon, his paintings were widely accepted and sold throughout the international community.

Main Exhibitions

2012   Shanghai International Art Fair, China

2012   Touch Project, Cloïtre des Billettes, Paris, France

2011   Dreams of Adélio Sarro, Ricardo Fernandes, Gallery, Paris, France

2011   Fortaleza Museum of Art, Brazil

2011   Art & Frame Gallery, Switzerland

2010   Shanghai International Art Fair, China

2010   Pálffyho Palác, Poland

2009   Museum of Curitiba, Brazil

2007   Russian Academy of Arts Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

2007   Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia

2005   Copacapana Art History Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2004   Palais Des Nations (UN), Geneva, Switzerland

2003   World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

2001   Palais des Congres, Evian, France

2001   Museum of Singapore, Singapore

1996   Art Museum of Dalton, Georgia, USA

1994   New York Art Expo, USA / Las Vegas Art Expo, USA

1991   International Exhibition of Fine Arts, Digne, France

1990   International Museum of Arts, California, USA

1988   Latin American Museum of Punta del Leste, Uruguay

1987   Castle Scaligero, Marostica, Italy

1986   Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna, Italy

1982   MASP: Art Museum of São Paulo, Brazil

1982   Art Museum of Florianópolis, Brazil

1982   Art Museum of Joinville, Brazil

1981   City Hall Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan

1981   City Hall Museum of Art Nara, Japan