André Mendes

In a world in which information is constantly crossing boundaries, it is crucial to pay attention to how fast young talented visual artists have been incorporating formal, stylistic and pictorial elements to their work. André Mendes is one such case.

To me, one the of most interesting aspects of his body of work is an unpretentious affirmation of a tradition genuinely born out of a kind of freedom that is almost sarcastic in the way the artist uses his skills as painter and drawer. One needs only to remember André’s many public and private murals in order to grasp his impressive technique. They are executed in both ceramics and new industrial techniques he creates and develops himself. Always aware of the many different kinds of painting styles, specific methods, scenes and tendencies in the art world today, Mendes draws, manipulates and organizes the elements in his works with such ability that it allows him a “deliberate” use of pictorial language, a natural procedure that stands between the commitment to conceptual research and a purely aesthetic experience.

His gaze skilfully knows and recognizes a great part of the extensive modern pictorial tradition, even provocatively better than many more experienced and renowned artists today. His contact with art from an early age, or maybe the times he has lived abroad in Spain, France and Australia, or maybe even his many trips to different parts of Europe, where he has had the chance to see in person the works of many of his favourite artists, like Tapiés, have most certainly contributed to his education as an artist. Luckily for us, however, despite his great ability with form, Andre is not a lazy artist, he does not settle for what he knows and masters. On the contrary, he is restless, active, apprehensive, all qualities that I think every good artist must have.

In the fight between balancing and letting go, fixing and breaking the limits of the frame, in the position and disposition of colours and shapes, Andrés’s recent work has presented us with a conceptual characteristic that is essential to every artist’s body of work and, the way I see it, it is not only worth appreciating his art and his talent, it also ennobles us, as spectators, his much deserved success.

Tony Camargo (Artist)



Main Solo Shows


Espacial / Open Studio Exhibition / Curitiba – Brazil

Art Expo Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia


André Mendes Solo / Galeria Zilda Fraletti / Curitiba – Brazil


Falando de Arte / Museu Guido Viaro / Curitiba – Brazil


Urban Gallery / Brookfiel Incorporations / Curitiba – Brazil

COLORES / Galeria Zilda Fraletti / Curitiba – Brazil


Deconstruction / Espaço Cultural BRDE / Curitiba – Brasil


Traços / Porto Esfera / Porto – Portugal


Main Collective Shows


Nasi Campur / TAKSU Gallery Singapore / Singapore


Total / Farol Galeria / Circuito Bienal Vento Sul / Curitiba – Brasil

Total / Galeria Zilda Fraletti / Circuito Bienal Vento Sul / Curitiba – Brasil

Tropikos / Hof Art Space / Bangkok – Thailand

Limited Edition / Casa Lab / Curitiba – Brazil


Salon of Contempory Art of Ponta Grossa – Brazil – **First Price

National Salon of Art – Itajaí – SC – Brazil

Art Expo Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia


Art Expo Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Elementares – André Mendes e Fernando Franciosi /  MAC-PR / Curitiba – Brazil

ColorFlow – André Mendes e Rimon Guimarães / Galeria RAS / Barcelona – Spain


Águas do Amanhã / MON – Museu Oscar Niemeyer / Curitiba – Brazil

MOB + ART BICICLE and MOBILITY / Solar do Barão / Curitiba – Brazil


Estado da Arte / 40 years of Contempory Art in the State of Paraná | Coletivo Interlux Arte Livre

MON – Museu Oscar Niemeyer / Curitiba – Brazil

Self Portrait / Casa Andrade Muricy / Curitiba – Brazil


V Bienal Vento Sul / Projeto Grade Sobre Grade | Coletivo Interlux Arte Livre

SktaeArt / SkateRIP / FAD / Barcelona – Spain

IN_VERSOS / Estreita Galeria / Curitiba – Brazil


Cicloviáerea / Cooperation on Jarbas Lopes Project / CCSP / São Paulo – Brazil

SINTOMAS / Centro Cultural Solar do Barão / Museu da Gravura Cidade de Curitiba / Curitiba – Brazil

Underground Galleries / Curitiba – Brazil | Coletivo Interlux Arte Livre

Art in Circulation / Caixa Cultural / Curitba – Brazil | Coletivo Interlux Arte Livre


IX Salão Graciosa de Artes Plásticas / Curitiba – Brasil

MOB – Art Bicicle and MObility / Centro Cultural São Lourenço

Curitiba – Brazil


VIII Salão Graciosa de Artes Plásticas / *First Price – Curitiba – Brasil


Collective IDEP / IDEP Image and Design School / Barcelona – Spain

Main Institutional and Private Collections

  • Alexander Reish, Dubai, AE
  • Andrew Jong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Carlos Rebelo Gloguer, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Consuelo Cornelsen, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Gal Costa, São Paulo, Brazil
  • GRPCOM Gazeta do Povo News, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Guilherme Mendes, Singapure
  • Melinda Looi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Paraná Institute of Oncology, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Professor Hyperides Zanello Square, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Santa Cruz Hospital, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Secretary of Culture of Ponta Grossa , Brazil


2011   Advanced Painting III – UFPR / Federal University of Paraná | Curitiba – Brazil

2008   Metal Engraving – Solar do Barão | Curitiba – Brazil

2004   Drawing Expertise – IDEP Image and Design School | Barcelona – Spain

1999 – 2003 Degree in Graphic Design – PUC/PR | Curitiba – Brazil


Art Residency­


Tropikos / Hof Art Space / Bangkok – Thailand


Kakiseni Internationa Art Residency / Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia


Jarbas Lopes Residency / Marica – RJ – Brazil