Jiro Ishihara

InterMetro, 2003, Interactive video installation, 340 min.

By its very essence the Internet has a spatial spread. However, what we feel as we surf from site to site has nothing to do with the classical notion of space: time as well as what we call physical distance is no longer something infinite.  Naturally this has nothing to do with the existence of real time, determined by movement or distance. The time in question no longer exists except as a function of a target point defined by its content.

The goal here is not the site we access with a clicking movement, but the movement itself, the act. Working like this we can travel the world by subway through surfing the Internet. However, the aim here is not a comparison between the structure of the Internet,which is only a starting point for the task in hand, and a subway network; it is, rather, to establish the state and evolution of a fresh piece of data on which one is working in the Internet world. If a picture of a subway station really appears on the screen we will become witnesses to the totally novel uninterrupted spectacle of everyday life in different cities around the world.

As a viewer discovers this spectacle of cities with cultures and histories that are so utterly different, the viewer will have the impression of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This experience shows the incredible richness and ephemerality of data on the internet, and the differences there can be between things considered a priori as similar. This is the necessary precondition for recognizing that in the world of the internet there are no hierarchies, and that each piece of data is  of equal value. And so we follow the links, one after another, in our pursuit of a line as imaginary as that of the horizon.

Jiro Ishihara

Jiro Ishihara

Video maker, photographer and artist

Born 1971 in Kamakura, Japan

Lives and works in Saitama, Japan


Main Education

2001-2003 Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Tourcoing, France

1999 -2000 IAMAS, International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, Gifu, Japan

1991-1997 Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan



2008 Cite internationale des Arts, Paris, France

2003 Civitella Ranieri Center, Umbertide, Italy

2000 -2001 Cite internationale des Arts, Paris, France


Main Exhibitons

2015 “Nakanojo Biennale 2015 ”, Yumotoke-house, Gunma Japan


2014 “LA QUATRIEME IMAGE”, Espace des Blancs-Manteaux, Paris France


2013 “Henka”, Yodobashi Photo gallery, Tokyo Japan


2012 “ROOM”, Peter’s gallery, Tokyo Japan


2009 “Perception and Urban Environments”, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo Japan


2008 “Dans la nuit, des images”, Grand Palais, Paris France


2007 “TERRITOIRES DE L’IMAGE”, Galerie L’H du Siège, Valenciennes France

2007 “INSIGHT VISION II”, Tama Art University, Tokyo Japan


2006 “9th Taro Okamoto Art Awards”, Taro Okamoto Art Museum, Kanagawa Japan


2004 “La ville qui fait signes”, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing France

2004 “Jiro Ishihara exhibition”, Civitella Ranieri Center, Umbertide Italy


2003 “Panorama 4:Paysages persistants”, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing France


2002 “Panorama 3:Salon du prototype”, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing France


2001 “Paris / Tokyo”, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris France