Lilian Bomeny

The Visage of Nature

Looking at my paintings a few years ago, I began to feel I should take some of my characters off the canvas, and make them real and tangible, facilitating their acceptance and understanding for the public. Convinced that I am always in the process of changing, I had my first experience with sculpture back in 2010, creating a piece in clay I discovered during a modelling course. I realized immediately that the transition to third dimension depends upon the choice of the right material. The softness of clay also inspired me in my creation and process. Soon after came the mould and finally the piece in acrylic. At that time I used the color red to symbolize fire and achievement.

After this first experience, always with the idea of ​​developing a series of sculptures, I was invited by curator Ricardo Fernandes to a first sculpture exhibit in 2015. I found it a great and it fulfilled a lifelong dream. After selecting the characters, I started to make them in my studio in São Paulo. I tried several experiments with different materials and finally deciding the best to do would be to work in clay, I made some moulds and finally created some very personal bronze works. This whole process of creation took six months of intensive work, which of course incorporates many years of thought, research, studies and design. In fact, the creation of sculptures and works in a third dimension, have been part of my dreams for many years. This is therefore the continuation of my creative process, which culminated in my new series entitled: The Visage of Nature.

Lilian Bomeny, 2015