Lita Cerqueira

Life resists, nature persists, beauty remains.

Yes, Afro-Brazilian art took root from a feeling of its own history, traditions, dreams and tenacity.
It is this tenacity that allowed black Brazilians to resist, to survive the social atrocities to which they were exposed, and which they are still living in their history, religion and traditions in Brazil.
It is with this persistence they conquered space, accepting their existence and transforming it into a positive reality.

Lita Cerqueira is stubborn and bold.

With this obstinacy she built a work that traces the Afro-Brazilian History in Contemporary Art. Without really being aware, persistence led her to an art that has given her the chance to change her own life.

The Brazilian “Quilombo” struggle came to an end, it was replaced by that of the intellectual struggle, which Lita Cerqueira participates actively. Brazilian “Quilombo” gave birth to cinema, samba, dance and the creation of the Brazilian culture.
Lita Cerqueira’s gaze sweeps the land, demystifies life, beautifies all that is beyond what we perceive at first glance.

It is my great honor to present the Art of Lita Cerqueira, offering a little of this heritage and sharing all these emotions and feelings so well with you.

Ricardo Fernandes
Member of A.I.C.A., Paris
April 2012