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Art and Freedom

Interesting is the Man who is guided by his choices and freedom.

By freedom, I refer to the one explained by Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980), when the existence precedes the essence, that is, we first exist and then we become. In other words, man is nothing more than what he does of himself and what he builds for himself.

In the case of an artist, his/her creative process truly begins, when he/she realizes his/her freedom, when he/she deprives himself/herself of what he/she sees, creates as a result of his/her thought, his/her own results and his/her projects come to him/her naturally.

There is no authorial creation without the exercise of freedom, that thought that renews itself every day, in recognition that the artist is the one who creates through its existence. Therefore, in order to define himself/herself today as the author of a work in contemporary art, the analysis of the work in relation to his/her creator and his/her natural development imposed during its creation process becomes a determining factor. Thus, through this natural process, the work appears. The result is independent of the technique: from the figurative to the abstract, from the classic to the avant-garde, in the use of any media, in the use of various materials and in the constant dialogue established between Man and his/her time, we see arise through the expression of the artist an intrinsic signature, resulting from his/her coexistence with his/her own life, his/her personal expression and his/her presence in society.

André Mendes has been presenting in recent years, works that cherish his personal expression, based on the exercise of his freedom. This exercise, coming through various challenges such as the search for and the meeting of new materials and the development of new forms, which confront the artist to the past theories, which are renewed every day and demand the coexistence with the industry, the ecology and an enigmatic daily life of work and its challenges.

André Mendes thus tries a relationship with this constant renewed world, in an authorial adventure with unexpected surprises and reactions that are being adapted to the results, generating an innovative result and that contains this exercise of the artist with his freedom.

Colours, shapes, spaces, dimensions, everything passing through the perception of the artist in his work, not being surpassed by the result of its own execution, on the contrary, conducting each observed evolution, as part of the creative process.

The visceral tones, the forms achieved, the established results, let us not deceive ourselves, are all driven by the exercise of freedom and the authorial development of this artist’s work.

Such is the strength of this work and of this development that in some moments we confuse materials, disregard forms, revise volumes and return in an introspective way to the understanding that everything can be transformed, molded … around our own thinking.


Ricardo Fernandes, 2017




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