Lula Ricardi, all mixed technique on paper *

From February 27 to May 27, 2018


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Cartography is the science that deals with the design, production, diffusion, use and study of maps, these are conformed as a design used to demarcate a territory, serving to provide or facilitate guidance. The map shows us an area from a certain point of view.

According to Deleuze “(…) The map is open, connectable in all its dimensions, detachable, reversible, susceptible to receive changes constantly. It can be torn, reversed, adapt to assemblies of any nature, be prepared by an individual, a group, a social formation. One can draw it on a wall, conceive it as a work of art, construct it as a political action or as a meditation “(Deleuze, G. and Guatarri, F, 1995).

In the presented proposal, the map exerts the function of the poetic tracing that will configure the space, bringing the representation of the problematized field. There is an effort to interpret the world and recreate another by launching into an experience anchored in the real. They are rhizomatic fields reflecting and tracing the inconstancies that form an “almost” imaginary world.

It is a question of discussing the territoriality of these imaginary spaces, bringing to the field of abstraction the instabilities brought about by division, expansion, oppression, limit, rupture, cultural values ​​and political forces.

The project thus reflects themes inherent in the social and political realities of the contemporary world. Through the maps that are reconfigured to meet the elaborations, circumstance is created with imagery to bring us back to the problematizations and inconstancy of our own reality. In discussing territoriality, we are talking about a world in constant transformation.

Lula Ricardi, 2018




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